Announcement for International Shipping.

New Plum Safety Products

Announcement for International Shipping.

Announcement for International Shipping.


Our Fischer Bell team will first determine your workplace’s safety standards. Then, to complement the existing framework, we will customize and apply fixed safety features. Hazards in the workplace can be readily handled through implementation of safety elements, thanks to our recommendations.

We provide customized fall prevention projects to secure your employees’ safety. The various safety harnesses and equipment that Fischer Bell has to offer will considerably reduce the danger of workplace accidents.

Why choose us?

Our team has undergone extensive training both internationally and locally, ensuring that our workers have the capabilities to lead your engineering projects. Our personnel have also completed various projects, accumulating a wealth of knowledge over the years. Having attained the bizSAFE Level 3 certification since 2016, you may rest assure that we will surely exceed your expectations. In addition to our Fischer Bell Team, we also engage with certified third-party vendors to provide a wider range of engineering activities.

We offer:

  • Fall Protection: Collective and Personal Fall Protection Systems; Roof edge guard rail and skylight protection, horizontal lifeline, roof top walkway, roof light covers and portable roof anchors.
  • Services: Design & Installation Service
  • Safe Access Solutions: Access Platforms, Self-Closing Safety Gates, Pallet Gates, and Industrial Roof Access Systems
  • Safety Fittings Solutions: Fittings for construction of safety railing, handrail, guardrail, and barriers
  • Steel to Steel Connections: Steelwork fixings
  • Re-certify Personal Protective Equipment: Tripod, Body harness, SRL re-certified

Need more information on the above services or if the service you want is not listed above, send us an inquiry and we will see what we can do.