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What is calibration & its purpose

Calibration is the documented comparison of the measurement instrument to be calibrated against a traceable reference device. The reference device has a superior measurement accuracy, allowing for the measurement instrument that is being calibrated to be accurate. This will minimise any measurement uncertainty by ensuring the accuracy of the measurement instrument.

How often does the equipment need to be calibrated?

The most typical method is to schedule calibration on a regular basis (Every 6 months to 1 year). In most cases, this will be adequate to catch equipment before it exceeds tolerance.

The second method is to keep track of how many uses your equipment has left before it falls out of tolerance; this will help you determine when it needs to be calibrated.

The final option is to follow the manufacturer’s advice. The owner’s handbook will usually include an estimation of how frequent your equipment should be calibrated.

Why choose us?

The Fischer Bell calibration laboratory provides a variety of calibration services to meet your standards compliance needs. Our laboratory technician has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Metrology. We cooperated with third-party vendors to provide you with extended calibration and repair services in addition to our in-house laboratory.