MASTER LOCK Rotating Gate Valve


MASTER LOCK Rotating Gate Valve

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● Surround the valve operating handle to protect against accidental valve opening
● Unique, pantent-pending rotating design allows for easier installation In confined space applications
● Center knockout can be removed for rising stem gate valves
● Each size rotates into itself and nests within the next larger size to save space in storage
● Multiple workers can apply their personal safety locks

Packing: 1 each
1 set (Model No: 485)

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Fits 1" to 3" dia. valve handles, Fits 2" to 5" dia. valve handles, Fits 4" to 6.5" dia. valve handles, Fits 6" to 10" dia. valve handles, Fits 8" to 13" dia. valve handles, 1 set of 480-484

Model No

480, 481, 482, 483, 484, 485


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