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Announcement for International Shipping.

Announcement for International Shipping.

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Fischer Bell 10 Gallon Spill Response Kit


Fischer Bell 10 Gallon Spill Kit contains an assortment of products of different brands which can help to contain spills of up to 10 gallon involving hazmat, oil-only and universal chemicals.

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Product Description

Contents of 1 Kit:
20 Pieces – Pad
2 Pieces – Sock
1 Piece – Pillow
2 Pieces – Disposable Yellow PE Bag
2 Pieces – Cable Tie
2 Pieces – Chemical Goggle
2 Pieces – Disposable Mask
2 Pieces – Disposable Coverall
2 Pairs – Chemical Glove
1 Piece – Yellow Nylon Bag

UNIVERSAL (Grey): General purpose absorbents can absorb all liquids. They are ideal for use on spills of coolant, degreasers, paint, blood, oils and fuels, mild acids and bases as well as water-based chemical. Overall, it is suitable to use for maintenance of clean ups in areas where spills can occur.

HAZMAT (Yellow): Chemical absorbents are used in environments where there is presence of dangerous chemical or bio-hazardous liquids. It also can be used for absorption of water-based fluids such as acetone, coolant, turpentine, gas and others.

OIL ONLY (White): Oil fuel absorbents are hydrophobic, it has the tendency of repelling water. Which makes it the best option for cleaning oil and fuel spills in wet environment. It is ideal for use in maintenance workshops, paint and panel shops, parking areas, re-fuelling facilities, service stations, ports and marinas, wash and lube bays.

*Images are shown for illustrative purposes only. It does not represent all the contents in the spill kit.


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