UVEX C500 foam cut glove


UVEX C500 foam cut glove

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● Cut protection safety gloves with outstanding wearer comfort
● Oustanding mechanical abrasion resistance thanks to the innovative SoftGrip coating (uvex C500 foam and uvex C500 wet)
● Very good grip in dry (all models), slightly damp (uvex C500 foam) and wet
(UVEX C500 wet) environments
● Very high level of cut protection with patented uvex Bamboo TwinFlex®  technology
In line with EN 407, the model is suitable for contact heat up to +100 degree Celsius (uvex C500 foam and C500 sleeve)
● Perfect fit with 3D ergo technology
● Silicone-free according to imprint test

10 pairs/bundle

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8, 9, 10

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UV60494-08, UV60494-09, UV60494-10


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