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BTF21 Eyewash Set


It is an eyewash catered to emergency situations that might endanger the lives of mankind especially eye protection, which meets the ANSI Z358.1-2014 standards for design and manufacturing.

Technical Parameters:
  1. Design and Manufacturing standards ANSI Z358.1 -2014
  2. Main material: SS304 (optional Q235 or SS31GL)+ABS coating
  3. Function: Eyewash + rinse
  4. Working environment temperature: 0°C – 55° C
  5. Applicable media: room temperature, drinking water or clena water meeting sanitation standards
  6. Nominal pressure: 1.0MPa
  7. Working pressure: 0.2 MPa~0.4MPa
  8. Inlet Size: internal thread 1-1/4″
  9. Drainage cutlet size: internal thread 1-1/4″
  10. Imigation flow: > 75.7L/min
  11. Eye washing flow: > 11.4L/min. Eye washing sprinkler has buffer device to prevent secondary damage to the eye caused by excessive water flow.
  12. Imigation sprinkler: ABS sprinkler, stainless steel sprinkler can be selected
  13. Eye washing sprinkler: ABS eyewasher with ABS eyewasher : Sprinkler head, stainless steel eyewash nozzle.
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              Product Description

              • Head: 10” SS bowl and 10” SS shower, ABS eyewash
              • Valve: Shower valve is made of the 1” SS304 ball valve
              • Water inlet and outlet: 1 1/4″ IPS · Flow control: 90-180L/ Min
              • Hydraulic pressure: 0.2MPA-0.4MPA
              • Original water: Clean or leached water
              • Operation condition: Eye wash and shower option for almost every industrial situation
              • Notification of operation: Use it in the lower polluted chemical environment.


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