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Announcement for International Shipping.

Announcement for International Shipping.

TechSource Systems Pte Ltd
TechSource Systems Pte Ltd
TechSource Systems Pte Ltd
TechSource Systems Pte Ltd

Asher Jallen UNIVERSAL Spill Supplies


Universal Absorbent Supplies are used to absorb all water based fluids, oil, diesel, gas, coolants etc.

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Product Description

  • Pads Dimension: 400x500mm
  • Socks Dimension: 1.2mx75mm
  • Pillow Dimension: 250x250mm
  • Roll Dimension: 50mx1m
  • Super absorbent polypropylene micro-fibres suitable for all non-aggressive chemicals.
  • Can also be used with some acids and bases including battery acid.
  • General purpose absorbents are made from 100% virgin resin polypropylene.
  • Contains no recycled contaminants that can reduce strength, absorption and chemical resistance.
  • All pads and rolls are laminated with low-lint spun woven cover stock.
  • Pads and rolls in this range have heat bonded dimples for fast absorption.
  • Pads are perforated to reduce use for small spills.
  • Colour coded grey for easy recognition and fast response.


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